SimpsonScarborough is a market research, branding and creative strategies firm that specializes in higher education. We focus on developing data-driven solutions designed to increase visibility, shape reputation, strengthen enrollment, and drive fundraising. Using sophisticated qualitative and quantitative research techniques, we measure the attitudes and opinions of people that matter most to your institution. Then we develop creative strategies that engage and communicate with your most important stakeholders and build customized marketing plans that inspire and lead to meaningful results..



Dana Edwards and Renee Daly, EduWeb Digital Summit – Summer 2015 Master Class, July 27-30, Chicago, IL, How to Use Market Research to Capture the Essence of Your Institution

Dr. Jeffrey Papa and Renee Daly, GMAC Admissions Institute for New Professionals (AINP), July 27-30, Reston, VA, Marketing and Admissions: Forming and Effective and Collaborative Relationship

Jason Simon and Matt Checkowski, Big Ten Plus News and Marketing Conference, June 24-25, Ann Arbor, MI

Elizabeth Scarborough, 2015 GMAC Annual Conference, June 24-26, Denver, CO

SimpsonScarborough seeks full-time Project Strategist.

Elizabeth Scarborough quoted in, The New White Space for Marketers: Higher Education, March 25, 2015.

Dr. Jeffrey Papa, Potomac & Chesapeake Association for College Admission Counseling 50th Annual Conference, April 19-21, Hot Springs, VA, Optimizing Student Enrollment

Elizabeth Scarborough, CASE Institute for Senior Communications and Marketing Professionals, April 21-23, Chicago, IL

Elizabeth Scarborough, AJCU Marketing & Communications Leadership Summit, April 22-24, Baltimore, MD, Higher Ed Marketing Report

Jason Simon, CASE Annual Conference on Marketing and Branding, May 4-6, Marina del Rey, CA

SimpsonScarborough announces that registration is now open for our Strategically Speaking webinar series

Dana Edwards, College and University Public Relations and Associated Professionals Spring Conference, March 13, Hershey, PA, How to Use Market Research Data to Address Marketing, Recruitment and Development Challenges

SimpsonScarborough announces Strategically Speaking 2015 webinar series: the basics of developing a strong and enduring brand

Dana Edwards, National Association of Independent Schools, February 26, Boston, MA, Discovering and Communicating Your School’s Identity

Elizabeth Scarborough, 2015 CASE District 1 Conference, January 30, Boston, MA, Differentiation is Tough!

Jason Simon, GMAC Leadership Conference, January 22, Long Beach, CA, Measuring the ROI of Integrated Marketing and Branding Initiatives

SimpsonScarborough adds creative division

Elizabeth Scarborough Council of Colleges of Arts & Sciences, November 8, San Antonio, TX, Selling the Value: Positioning and Marketing Colleges of Arts & Sciences in a Pre-Professional Focused World

Jason Simon Integrated Marketing Academy, October 19, Portland, OR, Measuring and Refining Your HigherED Brand with Market-Informed Strategies

Elizabeth Scarborough and Jason Simon, Academic Impressions Webcast, October 16, Staffing and Structuring a Successful Marketing Communications Department

Jeffrey Papa, Academic Impressions, September 16, Managing Your Enrollment Funnel to Optimize Student Recruitment

SimpsonScarborough appoints Jason Simon new Partner and Vice President





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