This Year’s Trends in New Programs
by Elizabeth Scarborough on September 8th, 2011

In each edition of Inside Higher Ed‘s daily eNews update, new programs being developed by colleges around the country are announced.¬†Each day when I look at the new programs, I wonder about the trends in what colleges are planning to offer. So, our GREAT intern, Sarah, went back and looked at all the new programs announced by IHE this year and we discovered the following:

* A total of 127 new programs have been announced in IHE in 2011

* 97 different institutions announced the 127 new programs

* 38 (30%) were new bachelors programs, 34 (27%) were new master’s degrees, and 18 (14%) were new doctoral programs

* 48% of the new programs announced were offered by private institutions; 52% were announced by public schools

* Excelsior College launched the most new programs (6), Penn State launched 5, California Baptist launched 5

* The largest number of new programs announced where in the STEM fields (30), second largest category was health sciences (25), 10 programs each in business and education were also announced

* 9 new programs related to sustainability and the environment were announced, 4 related to homeland security

Admittedly, IHE is probably not the definitive source of new programs but these trends are interesting just the same. Useful data for faculty and department heads who are working on new program development.

Elizabeth Scarborough

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