College Taglines: Most Frequently Used Words
by Elizabeth Scarborough on January 9th, 2012

Branding is all about differentiating. To differentiate, you need to know how other institutions are being promoted. To get a sense of it, I created a word cloud of almost 1,000 college and university taglines. If you aren’t familiar, a word cloud can be created for any block of copy at  It’s just a simple word count tool but it creates cool images like the one below in which the more frequently used words appear larger. The less the word is used, the small it appears in the image.

The most commonly used words in college taglines are:

* world

* excellence

* success

* learning

* real

* life

Also popular are “changing,” “change,” “place,” “faith,” “transforming,” “beyond,” “mind,” “leaders,” “discover,” “experience,” “opportunity.” Bottom line, if you are trying to differentiate, these are the kinds of words you want to stay away from!

Elizabeth Scarborough

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