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Research starts with asking the right questions. We begin every project with an immersion process that provides us with a deep understanding of your institution’s relevant issues. That awareness then enables project-specific guiding questions that we answer through customized research. Typically, our research includes both qualitative and quantitative methodologies tailored to the audiences who matter most: students (prospective, current, alumni), parents, employers, guidance counselors, academic peers, and donors.

We set the standard for quantitative research in higher ed. Our quant studies include representative sample sizes necessary for multi-variate, segmentation, and maximum differential analyses, in addition to discrete-choice modeling that mimics real-life decision making. From this deep-dive research, we’re then able to develop informed strategies that resonate with target populations. Our qualitative research is collected via in-person discussions, online focus groups, and in-depth telephone interviews that assess perceptions, understand attitudes, and discern emotional drivers. One-on-one and small group conversations provide compelling insights from hard-to-reach audiences. Following qual and quant data collections, we outline data implications to provide stakeholders with insightful and actionable recommendations.

The efficacy of research is only as good as the data that informs it, and that data’s only as valid as the questions asked. Whether you have burning questions or need help finding the right ones to ask, we strongly suggest starting with empirical knowledge.


  • Brand and messaging
  • Strategic planning
  • Recruitment
  • Alumni engagement
  • Fundraising
  • Image and perception
  • Creative testing

Advanced Analytics

  • Conjoint analysis
  • TURF analysis
  • Discrete choice analysis
  • Segmentation
  • Max differential
  • Factor analysis


  • Surveys
  • In-depth interviews
  • Focus groups

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