Molly serves as the primary lead on many projects. Whether it’s recommending appropriate research options, providing insights at kick-off through data collection, helping clients understand their data, or recommending strategic actions based on the research findings, Molly plays an integral role throughout a project.

She has built her career on sound market research and translating complex data into strategic findings. As a science junky in college, Molly learned the foundations of solid research and hypothesis testing. Combining that with her interest in psychology helped her find a profession that lets her put her inner nerd to good use. She loves helping clients dig into the data, but never loses sight of clients’ business questions.

Molly has worked in market research for over 15 years. She knows the field inside and out: she’s been a director at a boutique market research firm, WBA Research, and has worked in several industries to design complex survey instruments, moderate focus groups, analyze findings, and discover business insights.

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