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Marketing and institutional strategy are one in the same. At least, they should be. We provide the research insights and the resources to advocate for and to ultimately achieve alignment.

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The 2021-22 CMO Study

Thanks to contributions from nearly 300 senior marketing leaders, this annual report is the most comprehensive look into the state of higher ed marketing.

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2022 Higher Ed MarCom Professional Development & Salary Study

Download the latest study that uncovers current strains on higher ed marketing leaders and provides a glimpse of future challenges the industry faces.

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The 2022 National Prospective Student Survey

This fifth wave of reporting examines emerging social, political, and economic trends affecting prospective students and their decisions to pursue college degrees.

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State of Higher Education Website & Marketing Technology

A brand-new research study to capture comparative data on website and marketing technology, organizational structure, strategic priorities, measurement, performance, and more.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Higher Education

Explore our ongoing research into how high school prospects and current college students are being affected by the pandemic.

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Industry Insight and Expertise

To take your college or university’s branding to the next level requires more than just staying on top of trends; it demands setting them. We've put together the latest insights from around the world of higher ed marketing, from what’s hot to expert perspective on what’s next.


Resources for Higher Ed Marketers

Successful higher ed marketing can come down to how well you either navigate an often overly complicated RFP process or manage a confusing org chart. We’ve gathered the best examples of each to serve as industry best practices.

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