AVP, Research

Meredith Simpson

Meredith Simpson - AVP, ResearchMeredith leverages custom research that leads to meaningful and actionable data to solve problems, answer difficult questions, and drive strategic decision-making.

An expert in sophisticated survey design, sampling plan development, data collection management, and data analysis and reporting, Meredith prides herself on her ability to draw on her creative and analytical strengths. Everything she does — from survey design and analysis to data visualization — results in clear and actionable insights that resonate deeply with intended audiences.

Meredith has served in several key roles of the research strategy division at SimpsonScarborough and has deep experience working with a wide variety of institutions to address their institutional goals and solve complex problems. Her extensive knowledge of the Integrated Postsecondary Educational Data System (IPEDS), market research trends, and the Qualtrics survey platform give her the expertise to implement new innovative approaches to reporting practices and data visualization.

University of Richmond (B.S. in Business Administration)

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