Director, Strategy & Accounts

Renee Daly

Renee Daly - Director, Strategy and AccountsWith more than 10 years of higher ed marketing experience, Renee guides colleges and universities through the process of using data-driven insights to develop meaningful strategies and high-impact brands. Renee leads client projects, working with each college and university to develop recommendations and strategies that meet their unique branding, recruiting, and fundraising objectives.

With extensive experience designing complex research studies, Renee is responsible for developing and overseeing strategy, communications, research analysis, and client service. Her focus on instrument design and communicating insights enable her to translate data into strategic findings and solutions for her clients.

Renee has served in several key roles of the project strategy division at SimpsonScarborough. Previously, Renee was Assistant Director of Project Management at PBS, where she managed the launch and maintenance of multiple high-profile TV series and specials. She also assisted in the planning and execution of local and national events for more than 900 public television professionals.

James Madison University (B.A. in Media Arts & Design, Journalism)

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