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Creighton University

And social justice for all.

The Challenge

The Opportunity

Creighton University is committed to a student-focused, Jesuit education. And to social justice. Our redesign and development of their main .edu—with its foundation in a master brand we helped to expand on and extend the life of—enables campus communicators to tell a more unique and comprehensive story, while also providing a more consistent and user-friendly web experience, including clear and reliable information pathways that direct visitors to fresh and focused content. Throughout the process, we were committed to exceeding accessibility standards to ensure universal access, despite device type, to the entirety of the website and its content.

Brand Statement

The Solution

Creighton University attracts students from around the world, each possessing a wide variety of interests and personal and professional goals. The new brand communicates to prospective students, the website’s primary audience: Whatever you do best, do it justice.

To do the Creighton website justice, we leaned into technology, governance, structure, content strategy, UI/UX, and the user experience. 

Mobile Site Comps
Brand guidelines
Brand guidelines 2
Brand guidelines 3
Brand guidelines 4
Airport Tactic
Lightpole banner
Scope of work

Scope of Work

Scope 0

Brand exploration, including creative concepts, each with 5 individual page types; graphic design and 38 pages of copywriting

Scope 1

Wireframes, user journeys, and UX strategic goals; outline of data structures for mapping

Scope 2

Drupal theme development and integrations, including custom nodes, blocks, menu, paragraphs, and views; analytics and visual interface analysis, and A/B testing; training, technical documentation, and launch; conversion rate optimization; digital style guide, including detailed instructions for templates, layouts, color breakdown, and typography

The Results

As with all technologies, website design and development are constantly evolving. And so must higher ed’s approach to websites. It’s too soon to know the exact impact of our work with Creighton University, but we are confident that their brand is accurately reflected in their main .edu and that the site is ready both to meet prospective students where they are and to meet the future, when it arrives.

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