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University of the Pacific

Pacific didn’t have an
enrollment problem.
Our partnership ensures
they won’t.

The Challenge

The Opportunity

The best time to address a problem is before you have one. Despite the fact that Pacific had successfully bucked the trend of declining enrollment—if after 11 years, enrollment’s downward trajectory can even be called a “trend”—Pacific partnered with SimpsonScarborough to future-proof enrollment.


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The Solution

We created a single, cohesive brand for Pacific’s three Northern California campuses. Efforts included leveraging Pacific’s location, as well as the brand equity of its two most prominent schools—Law and Dental; communicating the University’s high academic standards; and better articulating Pacific’s impressive ROI. A redesigned website premiered the new brand.

Quote Quote

“Pacific was fully aware of the changing demographic in higher education and very strategic in their approach. Together, we wanted to reinforce their brand position, create a new website that brings out the vibrancy of their three campuses, and create a holistic communications and content strategy to attract new students.”

Matt McFadden, Partner and Senior Vice President
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Scope of work

Scope of Work

Scope 0

Brand strategy, messaging architecture, and a holistic content and communications strategy for the University, Marketing Communications, and Enrollment, including: communications flow review; user journey development; deployment of a design thinking process to create examples of extreme student personas; and a paid media audit.

Scope 1

Institutional verbal language and visual identity that better reflects Pacific's youthful, diverse, and energetic culture and community, an updated digital view book, and comprehensive brand guidelines.

Scope 2

Custom website that included a seamless UX, an open-source CMS, and a novel content strategy to segment internal and external content, which enabled the site to be smaller, faster, and more responsive.

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"It’s amazing to think of how much we accomplished in that short time—in a year like no other—and the success we are seeing from the quality of the work.”

Marge Grey, Associate Vice President, Strategic University Communications

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