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Strategy rooted in research has transformative power: it can clarify muddled priorities, build consensus among key stakeholders, and guide decision-making for years to come.

Our higher education brand strategies shed light on the attributes, programs, or personality traits that differentiate an institution from its competitors. Working from research findings, we deliver targeted university brand platforms, which clarify brand positioning, personality descriptors, decision drivers, and segmented messaging—while aligning with broader institutional plans and objectives.

We also develop comprehensive university marketing strategies: whether the goal is motivating prospective students to enroll, alumni to donate, or community leaders to support an institution, our recommendations are both forward-looking and realistic. Bringing together competitor analyses, audience segments and journeys, targeted messaging, paid media and advertising plans, and multi-year budget plans, we look for the most effective tactics and timing to meet strategic needs.


  • Brand positioning and platform development
  • Message creation and mapping
  • Data-driven personas
  • Competitor analysis
  • Brand assessments
  • Brand launch planning
  • Paid media strategy and planning
  • Content strategy development
  • Digital marketing planning
  • Metrics and ROI evaluation
  • Multi-year institutional marketing plans

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